Picking, Packing & Handling with the SG-series

The robust MOTOMAN SG650 scara-robot features a wide motion range due to its compact design.

It is particularly suitable for application when high speed and accuracy is required, for example picking and packing, dispensing and feeding. Small interference contours allow the robots working together in confined spaces. Internal cabling enables a reliable workflow and saves extensive maintenance.

The SG650 is driven by the compact and lightweight YRC1000micro controller.

Key Benefits
 - Fast, powerful and reliable
 - Wide motion range
 - Compact and robust design
 - Internal cabling
 - High repeatability and accuracy
 - Ideal for applications in confined spaces
 - Easy integration and high dynamics
 - Easy maintenance

Technical Details
Controlled Axes4
Payload6 kg
Max Working Range650 mm
Repeatability0.01 mm
Weight19 kg
Power Supply1 KVA
S Axis450 º/sec
L Axis730 º/sec
U Axis1300 º/sec
R Axis
2500 º/sec
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