Slim and Compact Robotic Arm

Slim, 7-axis design optimizes space; provides “human-like” flexibility and range of motion, even in tight spaces. Mounts virtually anywhere in any orientation: Short axis lengths and extreme motion flexibility allow slim manipulator to be positioned out of normal working area (floor-, ceiling-, wall-, incline- or machine-mounted)

Slim, compact and powerful – robot can straighten vertically to take up a very small footprint and is only 365.5 mm wide at widest point.

Technical Details
Controlled Axes7
Payload30 kg
Max Working Range1485 mm
Repeatability0.1 mm
Weight345 kg
Power Supply3.0 KVA
S Axis (Maximum Speed)130 º/sec
L Axis (Maximum Speed)130 º/sec
U Axis (Maximum Speed)130 º/sec
R Axis (Maximum Speed)170 º/sec
B Axis (Maximum Speed)170 º/sec
T Axis (Maximum Speed)200 º/sec
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