Extended-Reach, Slim Profile Spot Welding Robot

Built for exceptional spot welding performance, the six-axis SP165-105 robot is fast, powerful and precise. Eliminating the need for a linear track, this extended-reach robot offers fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities to reduce air-cut time. An integrated spot harness improves robot wrist movement, while servo gun and DC timer technology optimize quality and productivity. The wide wrist motion range improves application flexibility, and a slim robot design enables robot reach into confined spaces for high-density robot placement.

Technical Details
Controlled Axes6
Payload105 kg
Max Working Range3058 mm
Repeatability0.2 mm
Weight1,090 kg
Power Supply5 KVA
S Axis (Maximum Speed)125 º/sec
L Axis (Maximum Speed)115 º/sec
U Axis (Maximum Speed)125 º/sec
R Axis (Maximum Speed)182 º/sec
B Axis (Maximum Speed)175 º/sec
T Axis (Maximum Speed)265 º/sec
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