∑-V Series

The Σ-V series boasts the industry's highest speed response (1.6 kHz) and control stability to enable positioning to be conducted at short intervals and a high level of accuracy. When combined with a rotary servomotor or linear servomotor that achieves a maximum motor speed of 6000 min-1, the Σ-V series can derive the utmost from the performance of machines. This easy-to-use servo series offers significant reductions in the time required for startup, servo adjustments, and troubleshooting.

   • The best amplifier response in the industry slashes settling time
   • Enhanced vibration suppression
   • Contributing to machine performance in conjunction with a medium-inertia motor
   • Easy setup
   • Easy adjustments for different levels 
   • Σ-V servo drives include many different servo actuators
   • Analog voltage/pulse train references and MECHATROLINK-II communications references available
     as standard features in the Σ-V SERVOPACKs
   • Wide selection of option modules for various communication interfaces and feedback
   • Compliant with applicable safety standards
   • International standards

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