Robot basic instruction training course

Robot basic instruction training course

NX100 / DX100 / DX200 / YRC1000

This course has been set up for the beginner who is interested in and would like to know the basic knowledge of industrial robot. Trainees of this course will acquire basic knowledge of robot which will be advantage in model selection and robot execution. Moreover, the trainees will be able to check and troubleshoot the basic problems once there are any problems occur.In this course, the trainees will study from and use the real equipment. Therefore this will be one of the best opportunities for trainee to have direct experience with YASKAWA Electric industrial robot.

Training Content :

  1. Position Level (PL)
  2. Variable
  3. Basic Instruction
    3.1  Input and Output.
    3.2  Control
    3.3  Motion type
    3.4  Arithmetic 
  4. Save / Load Data
  5. Test (Practices)

Basic knowledge :

Having experience Robot basic operation and instruction training course

Tool and Equipment prepared by company :

  1. Robot operation 2 Set
  2. Robot basic operation and instruction manual

Training duration :

1 Day  (9.00 am - 05.00 pm)

Number of participants/Time :

2 - 6 people

Training location :

YASKAWA Head Office Bangkok / YASKAWA Office Chonburi (Pinthong 3)

Contact us to request training course or get a consultation with experienced engineers trainer at

Mr. Kitisak

Phone : 02-017-0099

E-mail : [email protected]

Remark : The course outline may change without informed in advance